Operations Research (Schaum's Outlines)
by Richard branson and Govindasami naadimuthu

Book Title Operations Research (Schaum's Outlines)
Citation Bronson, Naadimuthi(1997)
Author Richard branson and Govindasami naadimuthu
Edition 2nd Edition
ISBN-13 978-0070584006
Publisher Tata Mcgraw-Hill
URL Amazon
Course MTH601 - Operations Research
Instructor Dr. Junaid Zaidi

Tackling the broad range of allocation problems that actually confront engineers, programmers and analysts in today's business and industrial worlds, this book takes readers step-by-step through all the mathematical programming techniques--including the trailblazing karmarkar algorithm--needed to excel in any operations research course. It's easy to see why the first edition of this invaluable study guide sole more than 35,000 copies! it cuts down study time while it builds essential skills.

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