CS-724 Software Process Improvement
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Course Category: Computer Science/Information Technology
Course Level: Graduate
Credit Hours: 3
Pre-requisites: CS504
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Course Instructor

Dr. Ghulam Ahmad Farrukh Ph.D Software Engineering George Mason University, USA

Managing the Software Process by Watts Humphrey

Requirements Engineering by Gerald Kotonya and Ian Sommervillephrey

Software Engineering by Roger Pressman

Inroads to Software Quality by Alka Jarvis and Vern Crandal

A Handbook of Software Quality Assurance by G. Gordon Schulmeyer and James L. McManus

Measuring the Software Process by William Florac and Anita Carleton

The Capability Maturity Model, Guidelines for Improving Software Process

Interpreting the CMMI: A Process Improvement Approach by Margaret K. Kulpa and Kent A. Johnson

Introduction to the Personal Software Process by Watts Humphrey

Introduction to the Team Software Process by Watts Humphrey

Software Assessments, Benchmarks, and Best Practices by Capers Jones

People CMM: A Framework for Human Capital Management by Bill Curtis, William E. Hefley, and Sally A. Miller, Addison-Wesley

Software Metrics: A Rigorous & Practical Approach, by Norman E. Fenton and Shari L. Pleeger

Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering by Stephan H. Kan

Practical Software Metrics for Project Management and Process Improvement by Robert Grady