Software Metrics: A Rigorous & Practical Approach
by Norman E. Fenton and Shari L. Pleeger

Book Title Software Metrics: A Rigorous & Practical Approach
Author Norman E. Fenton and Shari L. Pfleeger
Edition 3rd Edition
ISBN-13 9781439838228
Publisher CRC Press
URL Amazon Google
Course CS724 - Software Process Improvement
Instructor Dr. Ghulam Ahmad Farrukh

A Framework for Managing, Measuring, and Predicting Attributes of Software Development Products and Processes

Reflecting the immense progress in the development and use of software metrics in the past decades, Software Metrics: A Rigorous and Practical Approach, Third Edition provides an up-to-date, accessible, and comprehensive introduction to software metrics. Like its popular predecessors, this third edition discusses important issues, explains essential concepts, and offers new approaches for tackling long-standing problems.

New to the Third Edition:
This edition contains new material relevant to object-oriented design, design patterns, model-driven development, and agile development processes. It includes a new chapter on causal models and Bayesian networks and their application to software engineering. This edition also incorporates recent references to the latest software metrics activities, including research results, industrial case studies, and standards.

Suitable for a Range of Readers:
With numerous examples and exercises, this book continues to serve a wide audience. It can be used as a textbook for a software metrics and quality assurance course or as a useful supplement in any software engineering course. Practitioners will appreciate the important results that have previously only appeared in research-oriented publications. Researchers will welcome the material on new results as well as the extensive bibliography of measurement-related information. The book also gives software managers and developers practical guidelines for selecting metrics and planning their use in a measurement program.

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