Managing the Software Process by Watts Humphrey

Book Title Managing the Software Process
Author Watts S. Humphrey
Edition 1st Edition
ISBN-13 978-0201180954
Publisher Addison-Wesley Professional
URL Amazon Google
Course CS724 - Software Process Improvement
Instructor Dr. Ghulam Ahmad Farrukh

This bestselling book is a practical guide to improving the software development and maintenance process. Emphasis is placed on the basic principles and priorities of the software process. Sections are organized in a natural way for managers and professionals to implement improvement activities.

The author, drawing on years of experience at IBM and the SEI, provides here practical guidance for improving the software development and maintenance process. He focuses on understanding and managing the software process because this is where he feels organizations now encounter the most serious problems, and where he feels there is the best opportunity for significant improvement. Both program managers and practicing programmers, whether working on small programs or large-scale projects, will learn how good their own software process is, how they can make their process better, and where they need to begin. "This book will help you move beyond the turning point, or crisis, of feeling over-whelmed by the task of managing the software process to understanding what is essential in software management and what you can do about it." Peter Freeman, from the Foreword

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