15 Fresh Web Design Dissertation Ideas For University Students (2k16)
- Web design as an instrument of transformation of virtual space in today’s culture.
- The phenomenon of virtual space and web design as a changing force in this space.
- Web design as imitation of real life in virtual space.
- Self-descriptiveness of web design and its source of informational supersaturation.
- Humanization of virtual space and its connection with the world of reality through web design.
- Web design as a means that determines and develops commercial, communicative,
   social and cultural potential of virtual space.
- The role of web design in humanization of the contemporary virtual space.
- Determination of commercial, communicative, social and cultural potential of web design.
- Reflection of informational, communicative and entertaining character of web design in
   the process of interaction with Internet users.
- Manipulations with users’ senses as a base of an interaction model of communication
   with users created by web design.
- The place of web design in the virtual space of modern culture and web-space as its part.
- Social and cultural analysis of the influence web design causes on the way a modern person
   sees the virtual space.
- Mechanisms that allow web design function as an instrument of transformation of people’s
   perception of virtual space.
- Stages of development and formation of the today’s web design.
- How web design allows users of the Internet percepts the illusion virtual space as a part
   of reality.
CLOUD Research Track 2k16
- Cloud Computing Architectures and Cloud Solution Design Patterns
- Infrastructure, Platform, Application, Business, Social, and Mobile Clouds
- Storage, Data, and Analytics Clouds
- Self-service Cloud Portal, Dashboard, and Analytics
- Security, Privacy, and Compliance Management for Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds
- Cloud Quality Management and Service Level Agreement (SLA)
- Cloud Configuration, Performance, and Capacity Management
- Cloud Workload Profiling and Deployment Control
- Cloud Software Patch and License Management
- Cloud Migration
- Cloud Composition, Federation, Bridging, and Bursting
- Cloud Resource Virtualization and Composition
- Cloud Provisioning Orchestration
- High Performance Cloud Computing
- Cloud Programming Models and Paradigms
- Autonomic Business Process and Workflow Management in Clouds
- Cloud DevOps
- Green Cloud Computing
- Innovative Cloud Applications and Experiences
- Economic, Business and ROI Models for Cloud Computing
- Cloud Computing Consulting
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