CDMA2000 Evolution: System Concepts and Design Principles
by Kamran Etemad

Book Title CDMA2000 Evolution: System Concepts and Design Principles
Citation Etemad (2004)
Author Kamran Etemad
Edition 1st Edition
ISBN-13 978-0471461258
Publisher John Willey Publications
URL Amazon Google
Course CS718 - Wireless Networks
Instructor Dr. Ghalib A. Shah

CDMA2000 Evolution: Concepts and Design Principles provides:
  • A presentation of CDMA2000 technology from the fundamental concepts, architectures and protocols to the network engineering and planning principles.
  • Comprehensive and up to date information about the IS2000 1x Releases A through D, including 1xEV-DV, as well as 1xEV-DO or IS856 Revisions 0 and A standards.
  • A focus on network architecture, QoS, radio network performance and dimensioning as well as comparison with other 2.5G/3G systems.
  • Examples, graphics and diagrams to simplify the learning process.
Throughout the book, the emphasis is on conceptual understanding of key techniques and protocols and their evolution from simpler legacy systems to the more advanced revisions recently made to these standards.

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