An Introduction to Distributed and Parallel Computing
by Joel M. Crichlow

Book Title An Introduction to Distributed and Parallel Computing
Citation Crichlow (2003)
Author Joel M. Crichlow
Edition 2nd Edition
ISBN-13 978-0131909687
Publisher PHI
URL Amazon Google
Course CS712 - Distributed DBMS
Instructor Dr. Nayyer Masood Dar

A core text for an introductory course in distributed and parallel computing, a supplement for a mainstream course introducing information systems or related topics, or additional reading for a specialized course on a neighboring topic. Assumes a basic knowledge of programming, data structures, file design, operating systems, and computer organization, but no background in communications technology. A technical overview encompassing both hardware and software aspects. First published in 1988. Includes a glossary without pronunciation. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

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