Program Construction: Calculating Implementation from Specifications by Roland Backhouse

Book Title Program Construction: Calculating Implementation from Specifications
Citation Backhouse (2004)
Author Roland Backhouse
Edition 1st Edition
ISBN-13 978-0470848821
Publisher Wiley
URL Amazon Google
Course CS709 - Formal Methods For Software Engineering
Instructor Dr. Fakhar Lodhi

The ever-increasing dependence of our lives and livelihoods on the correct functioning of computer software means that logic and program correctness are core elements of all good computer science degrees. This book presents both these topics in one self-contained text.

The focus of the book is on "correct-by-construction" program design -- the discipline of calculating programs from their specifications. Modern, calculational logic is introduced in combination with key program construction principles, such as the assignment axiom, loop invariants and bound functions. This material is intertwined with motivational discussion, programming examples and challenging problem-solving exercises, bringing the book alive for its intended audience, undergraduates in computer science and mathematics, as well as professional programmers wishing to further develop their programming skills.

The book covers the elements of logic and program correctness that form the foundations of further study --- the logical connectives and their algebraic properties, induction, quantifiers and program construction rules. Substantial examples of program construction are included. Many exercises are provided, all with detailed solutions.

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