Software Quality: Analysis and Guidelines for Success
by Capers Jones

Book Title Software Quality: Analysis and Guidelines for Success
Citation Jones (1997)
Author Capers Jones
Edition 1st Edition
ISBN 978-1850328674
Publisher International Thomson Computer Press
URL Amazon Google
Course CS706 - Software Quality Assurance
Instructor Dr. Ghulam Ahmad Farrukh

Based on the author's empirical observations of nearly 7000 software projects derived from close to 600 companies and government agencies, Software Quality: Analysis and Guidelines for Success examines the effects of about 75 major software quality factors on the quality level of actual software applications. This book also compares the quality methods used by six major software subindustries, including commercial and systems software, management information systems and outsources.

Software Quality: Analysis and Guidelines for Success brings together the major issues in software quality that impacts the enterprise, including cost benefit and analysis that shows costs of using quality standards and the higher cost of systems failures and ineffectiveness when they are not used. It demonstrates the need for a multi-faceted approach to achieve high-levels of software quality, utilizing quality measurements, protest inspections and testing by trained testing experts as tools to achieve success
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