Customer Oriented Software Quality Assurance by Frank P. Ginac

Book Title Customer-oriented Software Quality Assurance
Citation Ginac (1997)
Author Frank P. Ginac
Edition 1st Edition
ISBN 978-0135714645
Publisher Prentice Hall
URL Amazon Google
Course CS706CS708
Instructor Dr. Ghulam Ahmad Farrukh

This is a comprehensive, practical "How-to" guide to customer-focused software quality assurance, for organizations of all sizes and types. The premise of this book is simple: your customers are the best judge of software quality. Therefore, your customers must be an integral part of your QA program. Learn how to design a QA program that builds on your customers' expectations. Understand how to select the right metrics, test methods, types and tools. Finally, walk through QA program development, and consider the appropriate role of formal evaluation programs such as ISO 9000 and SEI CMM. For anyone faced with building or improving a software quality assurance organization, or building quality into software products. Titles include: QA managers, test managers, software development managers and senior IT executives.

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