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1__________ integer shows the highest priority of a process in CPU scheduling.smallLargeNANA
2The process of switching from one process to another is called latency.TrueFalseNANA
3Batch programs are usually __________ programs.interactiveNon-interactiveFore groundPreemptive
4___________ is used in real time operating systems.Non-preemptive schedulingPreemptive schedulingDispatching schedulingFCFS scheduling
5The procedure “The time at which the process finished working MINUS the arrival time of the process MINUS CPU burst for that process” will help calculate the _________.Non-Preemptive Shortest Job FirstPreemptive Shortest Job First schedulingFCFSRR Scheduling
6The priorities of processes in the __________ group remain fixed.KernelUserNANA
7First _______ entries in Per Process File Descriptor Table are used as soon as the process is created.1234
8_____________ is a preemptive scheduling algorithm.First Come First ServeShortest Job FirstRound RobinNone of these
9__________ scheduling algorithm can be preemptive or non-preemptive.First Come First ServeShortest Job FirstRound RobinPriority
10Cooperating processes never share any data, code, memory or state.TrueFalseNANA
11When process opens its first file explicitly it will get descriptor number _________1234
12Taking the CPU from one process and giving the CPU to another process is termed asContext switchingDispatchingSwappingTracking
13The correct command for compiling C program named program.c in Linux environment isgcc program.c –o FirstPrgramgcc –o FirstProgram program.cgcc –z FirstProgram program.cgcc program.c –m FirstPrgram
14All Threads within a process share the _________ address space.SameDifferentNANA
15The scheduling of _____________ are done by the operating system.Kernel threadsUser level threadsBoth Kernel and User Level threadBoth Kernel and User Level thread
16Kernel threads are supported directly by the operating system. The kernel performs the scheduling, creation, and management in —— Command displays the status of a process.lspsgcccat
17In Unix/ Linux, by default the standard output file is attached to the ___________FileScreenPrinterScanner
18 The priority of a process can be changed using __________ command.nicecmdcatgrep
19_________displays information about the top processes.lscstopcd
20 ___________ is the basis of queuing theory which is branch of mathematics used to analyze systems involving queues and servers.Little’s FormulaDeterministic ModelingQueuing TheoryQueuing analysis
21The process id returned to the child process after successful fork system call execution is __________.0123
22The nice value helps in assigning ______ to a process.PriorityWeightTimeScheduling
23Round Robin algorithm is similar to _____________ scheduling but preemption is added to switch between processes.Shortest Job FirstShortest Remaining Time FirstFirst Come First ServeNone of these
24The scheduling of _____________ are done by the operating system.Kernel threadsUser level threadsBoth Kernel and User Level threadNone of the give option
25In Unix/ Linux, by default the standard input file is attached to the ___________MouseKeyboardLight penJoystick