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1The Kimball s iterative data warehouse development approach drew on decades of experience to develop the __________Business Dimensional LifecycleData Warehouse DimensionBusiness Definition LifecycleOLAP DimensionA
2For a smooth DWH implementation we must be a technologist.TrueFalseNANAB
3During the application specification activity, we also must give consideration to the organization of the applicationsTrueFalseNANAA
4The most recent attack is the ________ attack on the cotton crop during 2003- 04, resulting in a loss of nearly 0.5 million balesBoll WormPurple WormBlue WormCotton WormA
5The users of data warehouse are knowledge workers in other words they are_________ in the organizationDecision makerManagerDatabase AdministratorDWH AnalystA
6_________ breaks a table into multiple tables based upon common column valuesHorizontal splittingVertical splittingBothNone of theseA
7As apposed to the out come of classification , estimation deal with ____________ value outcomeDiscreteIsolatedContinuousDistinctC
8The goal of ______is to look at as few block as possible to find the matching records. Indexing PartitioningJoiningnone of thesenested loop joinnone of theseC
9The technique that is used to perform these feats in data mining modeling, and this act of model building is something that people have been doing for long time, certainly before the _______ of computers or data mining technologyAccess AdventAscent AvowalBothNone of theseA
10A data warehouse may includeLegacy systemsOnly internal data sourcesPrivacy restrictionsSmall data martA
11De-Normalization normally speeds upData RetrievalData ModificationDevelopment CycleData ReplicationA
12In horizontal splitting, we split a relation into multiple tables on the basis ofCommon Column ValuesCommon Row ValuesDifferent Index ValuesValue resulted by ad-hoc queryA
13For a given data set, to get a global view in un-supervised learning we useBi-clusteringPearson correlationEuclidean distanceOne-way ClusteringD
14In DWH project, it is assured that ___________ environment is similar to the production environmentDesigningDevelopmentAnalysisImplementationB
15For good decision making, data should be integrated across the organization to cross the LoB (Line of Business). This is to give the total view of organization fromOwner’s PerspectiveCustomer’s PerspectiveDecision Maker’s PerspectiveEmployee’s PerspectiveB
16Which is the least appropriate join operation for Pipeline parallelism?Hash JoinOuter JoinInner JoinSort-Merge JoinC
17Data mining derives its name from the similarities between searching for valuable business information in a large database, for example, finding linked products in gigabytes of store scanner data, and mining a mountain for a _________ of valuable oreFurrowStreakTroughVeinD
18With data mining, the best way to accomplish this is by setting aside some of your data in a ________ to isolate it from the mining process; once the mining is complete, the results can be tested against the isolated data to confirm the model’s validityCellDiskFolderVaultB
19We must try to find the one access tool that will handle all the needs of their usersTrueFalseNANAB
20Investing years in architecture and forgetting the primary purpose of solving business problems, results in inefficient application. This is the example of _________ mistakeExtreme Technology DesignExtreme Architecture DesignBothNone of theseB
21The automated, prospective analyses offered by data mining move beyond the analysis of past events provided by respective tools typical of ___________OLTPOLAPDecision Support systemsNone of theseA
22There are many variants of the traditional nested-loop join, if there is an index is exploited, then it is called___________Navy nested loop join indexNested loop join temporary indexIndex nested-loop joinsNone of theseB
23 A data warehouse implementation without an OLAP tool is always possibleTrueFalseNANAB
24_____modeling technique is more appropriate for data warehousesentity-relationshipdimensionalphysicalNone of the givenA
25The performance in a MOLAP cube comes from the O(1) look-up time for the array data structureTrueFalseNANAA