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1Ethernet uses a ____________ static addressing scheme in which each device is assigned a unique address by the manufacturer8324864C
2The --------- bit preamble in the Ethernet frame format that precedes the frame contains alternating 1s and 0s that allow the receiver’s hardware to synchronize with the incoming signal8163264D
3The third field of the header consists of ------ bit Ethernet frame type8163248B
4An interface for twisted pair Ethernet must have a ____________ connector, and must generate signals according to the_____________ specificationBNC- t base 10RJ 45- t base 10BNC-t base 5RJ 45-t base 2B
5A bridge uses the ___________ to determine which computers connect to which segment, and uses the __________ to determine whether to forward a copy of frameSource , destinationSource , sourceDestination, sourceNone from aboveA
6Formally named __________ informally known as the thick wire Ethernet or Thick net10 Base 210 Base 510 Base TNone of the givenC
7Formally named --------------- informally known as thin wire Ethernet or thin net10 Base 210 Base 510 Base TNone of the givenA
8Formally named __________ informally known as the twisted pair Ethernet or TP Ethernet10 Base 210 Base 510 Base TNone of the givenC
9Most NICs contain _______________ circuitry that allows the NIC to operate independent of the CPUDMA(Direct Memory Access)MultiplexerTransceiverNone of the givenA
10A system with redundant bridges might have a problem with_______ in the systemLoopFiltersSpammingAll aboveA
12A Bridge can ________Filter a frameForward a frameExtend a LANDo all the aboveD
13________ has a jitter zeroVirtual Private NetworkIsochronous NetworkAsynchronous NetworkNone of the givenA
14Unlike Frame Relay and ATM, SMDS (Switched multi-megabit Data service) offers_______Connectionless service paradigmConnection oriented service paradigmBoth Connectionless and Connection-oriented service paradigmNone of the givenB
15ATM assigns each VC a _____________ identifier that is divided two parts to produce a hierarchy21-bit22-bit23-bit24-bitD
16Most WAN systems include a mechanism that can be used to eliminate the common case of duplication routing is called___________Hierarchal addressDefault routeShortest pathNone of the givenB
17The next hop to which a packet is sent depends only onPacket’s destinationPacket’s original sourcePath the packet has takenNon of the givenA
18When an application_____________data, it makes a copy of the data available to all other computers on the network?BroadcastingMulticastingUnicastingNone of the givenA
19A__________provide a mechanism that a customer can use to set a physical addressStatic addressing schemeConfigurable addressing schemeDynamic addressing schemeNone of the givenA
20_____________ sense a signal on one cable and then transmits an amplified copy on the other cableRepeaterBridgeHubNone of the givenA
21The maximum size of an Ethernet segment is___________250 meters500 meters700 metersNone of the givenB
22FDDI can transmits data at a rate of___________100 million bits per second100 million bits per second100 million bits per secondNone of the givenA
23Computers attached to an ether use ------ in which a computer waits for the ether to be idle before transmitting a frameCSMA/CDCSMA/CATOKEN PASSINGNone of the givenA
24-------------- have advantages arisen from the size and ease of computationCRCParityChecksumsNone of givenA
25The term -------- is used to denote the definition of a packet used with a specific type of networkPacketFrameDataNone of the givenB
26------ has no way to determine the cause of the problemPingTrace routeICMPNon of the givenA