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1Usually interrupt procedures are reentrant procedures especially those interrupt procedure compiled using C language compiler are reentrantTrueFalseNANAA
2Standard PC operates in two modes in terms of memory which areReal mode and Extended ModeBase mode and Memory ModeNone of the givenReal mode and protected modeD
3UART stands for_______Universal Asynchronous Receiver TransmitterUniversal Adjustment and Realigning ToolUnconventional Assisted Recovery TeamNone of theseA
4DMA stands for_________Direct Memory AccessDistinct Memory AccessDirect Module AccessDirect Memory AllocationA
5DTE is _______Data terminal equipmentData transmitting equipmentDual terminal equipmentNone of the givenA
6Interrupt Vector Table (IVT) in short is a _______ bytes sized table1024204830724096A
7Hardware Interrupts are ________PreemptiveNon-PreemptiveBoth Preemptive and Non-PreemptiveNone of GivenB
8Timer interrupt is a ________Hardware InterruptSoftware InterruptBoth of theseNone of TheseA
9Int 14H __________ can be used to set the line parameter of the UART or COM portService # 0Service # 1Service # 2None of the given optionsA
10The keyboard makes use of interrupt number _______ for its input operations9101112A
11In self test mode the output of the UART is routed to its inputTrueFalseNANAA
12In case of synchronous communication a timing signal is required to identify the start and end of a bitTrueFalseNANAA
13Register can be used to divide frequency is ________Counter RegisterAccumulator RegisterBoth of theseNone of theseA
14Only ________ ports are important from programming point of view70 and 71H71 and 72H70 and 72H72 and 73HA
15Which port is known as Data Port______60H61H64H69HA
16LPTs can be swappedTrueFalseNANAA
17PPI is used to perform parallel communicationTrueFalseNANAA
18__________is used to control the printer via the BIOSInt 16HInt 17HInt 18HInt 19HB
19_____ bit is cleared to indicate the low nibble is being sentD1D2D3D4D
20DSR stands for ________Data set readyData service readyData stock readyNone of the givenA
21There are two main types of interrupts namely ___________PC based and Window basedHardware based and Kernal basedHardware interrupts and Software interruptsNone of the givenC
22To set the interrupt vector means is to change the double word sized interrupt vector within the IVTTrueFalseNANAA
23The service number is usually placed in the ________ registerALCLAHAXC
25The service _________ is called the keyboard hook service15H/2FH15H/4FH15H/FFH15H/5FHB
26The BIOS interrupt ________ can be used to configure RTC1AH2AH3AH4AHA