PC Intern: The Encyclopedia of System Programming
by Michael Tischer , Bruno Jennrich 

Book Title PC Intern: The Encyclopedia of System Programming
Author Michael Tischer and Bruno Jennrich
Edition 6th Edition
ISBN-13 978-1557553041
Publisher Abacus Software
URL Amazon Google
Course CS609 - System Programming
Instructor Mr. Yasir Daanial Khan

Clearly describes the aspects of programming under all versions of DOS and Windows 95, with many practical examples written in assembly language, C++, Pascal and Virtual Basic. Chapters cover topics such as Win95 Virtual Memory and common controls; writing DLLS; understanding the Win95 shell; using OLE; the Win95 Registry; memory organization on the PC; using extended and expanded memory; and programming techniques for CD-ROM drives, Sound Blaster, interrupt controller, graphic and video cards, and the real time clock. The CD-ROM contains source code, program files, and Adobe Acrobat Reader 2.0.
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