Artificial Intelligence by Patrick Henry Winston

Book Title Artificial Intelligence
Citation Winston (1992)
Author Patrick Henry Winston
Edition Third Edition
ISBN-13 978-0201533774
Publisher Addison-Wesley
URL Amazon Google
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Course CS607 - Artificial Intelligence
Instructor Dr. Zafar Alvi

This book explains how it is possible for computers to reason and perceive, thus introducing the field called artificial intelligence. From the book, you learn why the field is important, both as a branch of engineering and as a science. If you are a computer scientist or an engineer, you will enjoy the book, because it provides a cornucopia of new ideas for representing knowledge, using knowledge, and building practical systems. If you are a psychologist, biologist, linguist, or philosopher, you will enjoy the book because it provides an exciting computational perspective on the mystery of intelligence. The Knowledge You Need This completely rewritten and updated edition of Artificial Intelligence reflects the revolutionary progress made since the previous edition was published. Part I is about representing knowledge and about reasoning methods that make use of knowledge. The material covered includes the semantic-net family of representations, describe and match, generate and test, means-ends analysis, problem reduction, basic search, optimal search, adversarial search, rule chaining, the rete algorithm, frame inheritance, topological sorting, constraint propagation, logic, truth

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