Software Engineering II

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1The _______________ dimension in rational unified process model represents the dynamic aspect of the processAngularHorizontalVerticalRegularB
2Unrealistic deadline is NOT one of the reasons of project failureTrueFalseNANAB
3Rapid application development is another form of ____________Prototyping modelIncremental ModelLinear Sequential modelNone of the aboveB
4______________ is an Object Oriented modelSpiralWater fallIncrementalFountainD
5Spiral model has _____________ dimensions234None of the aboveA
6_____________dimension of Spiral model represents the cumulative cost to dateAngularRadialBothNone of the aboveB
7Vision phase in a software process focuses on __________WhatHowWhyChangeC
8_____________ Teams generate more and better solutions than individuals and are most useful for complex problemsDecentralizedCentralizedManagementMarketingA
9In _________________, there is both vertical and horizontal communicationDemocratic decentralized (DD)Controlled Decentralized (CD)Controlled centralized (CC)Synchronous paradigm (SP)B
10The _____________ model is used to overcome issues related to understanding and capturing of user requirementsWater fallRapid PrototypingBuild and FixNone of the aboveB
11Pair programming is associated withRADIncremental developmentExtreme ProgrammingPrototypingC
12Which one of the following is NOT a useful indicator of software quality?CorrectnessCode sizeMaintainabilityIntegrityB
13Which one of the following does not belong to a strategy for dealing with risk?Risk avoidanceSecurity risk assessmentRisk monitoringRisk management and Contingency planningB
14Three categories of risks areBusiness risks, personnel risks, budget risksProject risks, technical risks, business risksPlanning risks, technical risks, personnel risksManagement risks, technical risks, design risksB
15The software reengineering process model includes restructuring activities for which of the following work items?CodeDocumentationDataAll of the given optionsD
16One graphical technique for determining whether a process exhibits out-of-control change behavior is aControl chartFishbone diagramPareto diagramProcess diagramA
17The first step in project planning is toDetermine the budgetSelect a team organizational modelDetermine the project constraintsEstablish the objectives and scopeD
18A law affirming that to continue after a certain level of performance has been reached Will result decline in effectiveness. This law is know asLaw of Diminishing returnsLaw of effectivenessLaw of SaturationLaw of Marketing returnsA
19Build and Fix model is a ___________ type of software development activityMathematicalPerfectHaphazardPlannedC
20In _________________ a team is structured along a traditional hierarchy of authorityClosed paradigmSynchronous paradigmRandom paradigmOpen paradigmA
21MTTC is the abbreviation ofMeasured time to changeMean time to collaborateMean time to changeMeasure time to copeC
22FAST is the abbreviation ofFacilitated Application Specification TechnologyFacilitated Application Specification TechniqueFacilitated Application Specialization TechniqueNone of the above optionB
23Defect per unit function point is aMeasureMetricMeasurementNone of the aboveB
24In context of moving range and individual control charts, UNPL stands for:Universal Natural Process LineUniversal Natural Process LimitUpper Natural Process LimitUpper Natural Process LineC
25Effort required to test a program to ensure that it performs its intended function ___________TestabilityBug fixingDebuggingSecurityA