Computer Graphics using OpenGL by F.S. Hill and Stephen M. Kelley

Book Title Computer Graphics using OpenGL
Citation Hill and Kelley (2001)
Author F.S. Hill Jr. and Stephen M. Kelley Jr.
Edition 3rd Edition
ISBN 978-0131496705
Publisher Pearson Books
URL Amazon Google
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Course CS602 - Computer Graphics
Instructor Mr. Taqdees Ahmed Siddique

Updated throughout for the latest developments and technologies, this book combines the principles and major techniques in computer graphics with state-of-the-art examples.Updates treatment of graphics hardware and algorithms. Discusses the development of video games through history. Emphasizes interactive graphics more strongly than in previous editions. Relates examples to things readers see everyday on the Internet and in computer-generated movies. Carefully presents each concept, explains the underlying mathematics, shows how to translate the math into program code, and displays the result.A thorough, useful reference for anyone interested in computer graphics.

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