Computer Systems Design and Architecture
by Vincent P. Heuring & Harry F. Jordan

Book Title Computer Systems Design and Architecture
Citation Heuring, Jordan (2003)
Author Vincent P. Heuring and Harry F. Jordan
Edition 2nd Edition
ISBN-13 978-0130484406
Publisher Prentice-Hall
URL Amazon Google
Course CS501 - Advance Computer Architecture
Instructor Dr. Noor M. Sheikh

The authors take a “No Mysteries” approach to computer systems. They interrelate three different viewpoints to provide a unique understanding of the subject: the perspective of the logic designer, the assembly language programmer, and the computer architect. The book has up-to-the-minute coverage of the latest developments in microprocessors, including ALU, pipelining, memory hierarchy, networks and the Internet. And, rather than focusing on a single type of architecture, Heuring and Jordan examine both CISC and RISC models at the ISA level using the unambiguous language of RTN (Register Transfer Notation), allowing for a more in-depth appreciation of different machine structures and functions. The authors examine general purpose machine, machine languages, and digital logic, some real machines, processor design, processor design—advanced topics, computer arithmetic and the arithmetic unit, memory system design, input and output, peripheral devices, communications, networking and the Internet. For computer science and engineering professionals.

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