Win32 Programming by Brent E. Rector and Joseph M. Newcomer

Book Title Win32 Programming
Citation Rector, B., Newcomer, J. (1997)
Author Brent E. Rector and Joseph M. Newcomer
Edition 1st Edition
ISBN-13 978-0201634921
Publisher Addison Wesley
URL Amazon Google
Course CS410 - Win-32/Visual Programming
Instructor Mr. Sajid Ali Khan Sajidi

Covering the material needed to understand and write 32-bit Windows applications for Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.51, this work details Win32 application programming concepts, and techniques for the common Application Programming Interface (API) of Windows 95 and Windows NT. Basic methods of Windows message handling are covered, as are advances in mouse and keyboard input handling, and graphical output using the Graphics Device Intefrace (GDI)

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