Modern Database Management
by Fred R. McFadden, Jeffrey A. Hoffer, and Mary B. Prescott 

Book Title Modern Database Management
Citation McFadden et al. (2001)
Author Fred R. McFadden, Jeffrey A. Hoffer and Mary B. Prescott
Edition 6th Edition
ISBN-13 978-0805360547
Publisher Prantice-Hall (MHP)
URL Amazon Google
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Course CS712 CS403
Instructor Dr. Nayyer Masood Dar

For Introductory courses in Database Management.Modern Database Management, 5/e is the ideal book for your database management course. While sufficient technical detail is provided, the emphasis remains on management and implementation issues pertinent in a business information systems curriculum. When used in tandem with Modern Systems Analysis and Design, 2/e by Jeffrey A. Hoffer, Joey F. George, and Joseph S. Valacich (1999-Addison Wesley Longman), students can follow a common systems development framework in the SA&D and database sequence.

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