Data Modeling and Relational Database Design
by Jan Speelpenning, Patrice Daux, Jeff Gallus

Book Title Data Modeling and Relational Database Design
Author Jan Speelpenning, Patrice Daux and Jeff Gallus
Edition 2nd Edition
Publisher Avril Price-Budgen, Fiona Simpson and Don Griffin
URL Amazon Google
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Course CS312 - Database Modeling and Design
Instructor Sheraz Pervaiz

This is a course on conceptual data modeling and physical data modeling. Why do you need to learn this? Why invest time in creating entity models when you need tables? Why bother about business functionality and interviews and feedback sessions when you need programs? In this course you learn why. You learn why it is a wise decision to spend time in modeling and why it is a good investment. You will learn even more, including how to create, read, and understand models and how to check them, as well as how to derive table and key definitions from them.

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