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1ofstream is used for________Input file streamOutput file streamInput and output file streamAll of the givenB
2Function prototype is writtenWithin main functionAfter the return statement in mainBefore the return statement in mainBefore call of that functionA
4RAID stands for________Redundant Array of Inexpensive DicesRedundant Array of Inexperience DevicesRedundant Array of Inexpensive DevicesReduced Array of Inexpensive DevicesC
5If int sum = 54; Then the value of the following statement is sum = sum - 3 ;52505157B
6In while loop the loop counter must be initialized,With in the loopBefore entering the loopAt the end of the loopNone of the given optionsB
7Computer can understand only __________language codeHigh levelLow levelMachineFourth generationC
8Transpose of a matrix means that when we interchange rows and columns_____________the first row becomes the Last columnthe first row becomes the first columnthe Last row becomes the first columnthe first column becomes the first rowB
9Loops are _________ StructureDecisionSequentialRepetitionNone of the given optionsC
10C is widely known as development language of _______ operating systemLinuxUnixWindowsMac OSB
11In_________, we try to have a precise problem statementAnalysisDesignCodingNone of the givenA
12_________ Keyword is used to return some value from a function.breakreturncontinuegotoB
13Pointers store the ________value of a variablememory addresscharactersNone of the givenB
14< , <= , > , >= are called ________ operators.ArithmeticLogicalRelationalConationalB
15the sizeof operator is used to determine the size ofdatavariabledata typeNone of the givenD
16If int a = 50; then the value of a/= 3; will be,15161718B
17_________are conventional names of the command line parameters of the ‘main()’ function.‘argb’ and ‘argv’‘argc’ and ‘argv’argc’ and ‘argu’None of the givenB
18From following; which one is the correct syntax of an array initialize: Array size is 10 and it is of double data type to value 0?arr[10] = {0.0};double arr[10]= 0.0;double arr[10] = {0.0};double arr[] = 0.0;C
19________ statement interrupts the flow of control.switchcontinuegotobreakD
20From the following; which one is used as an assignment operator?Equal sign ‘=’Double equal sign ‘==’Both equal and double equal signNone of the given optionsA
21There are mainly _________ types of software2345A
22When x = 7; then the expression x%= 2; will calculate the value of x as,1372A
23A pointer variable can be,Decremented onlyIncremented onlyMultiplied onlyBoth 1 and 2D
24set precision is a parameter less manipulator.TrueFalse  A
25We can change a Unary operator to Binary operator through operator overloading.TrueFalse  B
26delete operator is used to return memory to free store which is allocated by the new operatorTrueFalse  A